Happy New Year 2017

For New Year's, @WRDSMTH asked me to share the electrical box on the corner of Hollywood and La Brea, in Los Angeles California. We wanted to send a heartfelt message for 2017. Please see: https://andrealahue.wordpress.com/ For more of the story. Have a happy New Year.  May the force be with you. Andrea

#artistsstandwithstandingrock Art Auction

On Saturday December 10, 2019, there is an auction to benefit the Medical + Healer Council at Standing Rock. How it works: Please go to #artistsstandwithstandingrock on instagram ( #artistsstandwithstandingrock FB) between 12-8 EST (9-5 PST) both Saturday and Sunday to bid on the artworks. The auction will end Sunday evening. Check out all the works and make your bid, tagging the artist and @person who’s bid you are overtaking. Please pay close attention to the information on each post. Notification to the highest bidders will be made Monday, by the artists and posted on the facebook page, here: https://www.facebook.com/events/746706328836614/ Payment will be made directly to the Medic + He

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