Synergy. Synergy was the main takeaway from both collaborative shows in May. Here is a link for a pdf of the works in the RIVER TO THE SEA show with myself and Lucy Chamberlain, RIVER TO THE SEA (my amateur video of show linked here) Here is the link for the NEW AMERICANA series, shown at the FLOWER AND FLOW show with myself and Jason Ostro. Our collaborations are listed here as well. NEW AMERICANA Contact me for price-lists and information. above: Dreamers by Andrea LaHue My Liberty loving designs are worth a look. Each shirt or legging is made to order, just for you, around the corner, in North Hollywood. Check it at BARETHEPOKE.COM Thank you for your continued support. We art


#waterislove, 2017, multimedia and oil on canvas This painting is up at ArtonScene in West Hollywood through the 26th of May. Please contact gallery for hours and private viewing. #waterislove #waterislife #Water #Live #Life #AndreaLaHue #Painting #Oil #Multimedia #ArtonScenecom #WestHollywood #California #Sunset #Collector #artshow #Art #Artcollector

The Revolution Will Be Tweeted

This painting, from my Americana collection keeps coming into my mind.  It's my Gil Scott-Heron portrait.  The Revolution Will Not Be Televised is painted on a NYC map, with blue birds and hydrangeas coming towards the viewer, as Scott-Heron shows us his cellphone. For a studio visit and to check out the two shows up now in Los Angeles, don't hesitate to contact me. #FlowersforthePeople, Andrea #GIlScottHeron #RandomAct #AndreaLaHue #Multimedia #Oilpainting #TheRevolutionwillnotbetelevised

Dreamers by Andrea LaHue

Deeply moved by the plight of human beings defined as immigrants, (or refugees), this piece became a type of prayer for all dreamers.  These paintings become themselves and lead me down rabbit holes of thought.  For instance, The word immigrants comes from "to migrate," which is one of the most natural things humans do.  Just like birds have migrated since the beginning of time, so have humans. All of us who migrate our thought from doubt and fear to hope and resilience, are immigrating our thoughts from one perspective to another.  Also, very natural. Here are some photos of the making of Dreamers. This series speaks to holding several ideas/experiences in our minds while finding our center

Open: Flower and Flow

Flower and Flow opened at Art on Scene Saturday night and will be up until May 26th.  Let me know if you want to head over, we would be happy to meet you there. I only took a few photos Saturday as the night was starting up.  Here they are... Jason and friends @jasonostro @moncho1929 Me and my dear friend Mark I took these shots before the opening: The detail of our work is lost in the pictures.  Many commented, how you could feel my paintings, which was echoed all around, finally settling on "they are 4th dimensional." I will post proper pictures of the images in the next days, yet there is nothing like seeing them in person. #flowersforthepeople, Andrea #AndreaLaHue #JasonOstro #ArtOnScene

Update: River to the Sea

The shows are coming fast!  I spent the week installing RIVER TO THE SEA with Lucy at the Creative Art Center Gallery.  It looks beautiful. #rivertothesea #LucyChamberlain #AndreaLaHue #Burbank #CreativeArtCenter #GlassArt #Paintings #flowers

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