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"Random Act of Flower," any questions?


A few weeks ago, Liz from, came by for an interview. Liz teaches about Street Art at UCLA and has artist interviews on the website, as well as "sidewalk school" on her instagram @artandseeking, where she talks about specific pieces out on the street.

Liz's interview, shown above, speaks to my history, motivation and the Random Act's of Flower.

This is my first blog post on my newly designed website.

If you have any questions for me, anything you would like to know, please ask. Otherwise, keep an eye out for these blog posts and feel free to sign up on my subscriber list. I won't email too often, I promise. Most likely, only once a month, to give you a little one-two, about what's happening, what i'm curious about and what is coming up.

A big "Thank You" to Liz for her hard work on the behalf of art, street art and by extension, community and culture. ( / @artandseeking)

I'd also like to thank you, for your interest in art, taking the time to come check out my work and being curious enough to read what I have written. Please feel free to get in touch for more information or to schedule a studio visit.


p.s. if you are curious about art and community, the Random Act Projects blog on wordpress might be interesting for you, linked here:

Random Act of Iris for France

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