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Dreamers by Andrea LaHue

Deeply moved by the plight of human beings defined as immigrants, (or refugees), this piece became a type of prayer for all dreamers.  These paintings become themselves and lead me down rabbit holes of thought.  For instance, The word immigrants comes from "to migrate," which is one of the most natural things humans do.  Just like birds have migrated since the beginning of time, so have humans.

All of us who migrate our thought from doubt and fear to hope and resilience, are immigrating our thoughts from one perspective to another.  Also, very natural. 

Here are some photos of the making of Dreamers.

This series speaks to holding several ideas/experiences in our minds while finding our center and remaining "woke."

Dreamers, 2017 multimedia and oil on canvas 36" x 48" Dreamers is up at Art on Scene in West Hollywood through May 26th, 2017 for the Flower and Flow show featuring myself and artist Jason Ostro. 

Please contact for gallery hours and private viewing.

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