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Curious Coloring Pages, Sego Lily, Egret, Dragon Fun

Hello Friends,

Enjoy today's Curious Coloring Pages.

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On this day in 1933 – The Walt Disney Company releases the cartoon Three Little Pigs, with its hit song "Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?"

Sego Lily

The desert roses in Nevada

Wild daisies in Montana

That was the plan but instead

I'm staring at these flowers on my window ledge.

- Rissi Palmer, Flowers On My Window Ledge

Where do you find these flowers in the wild? Have you seen other flowers that are similar? Are they edible or poisonous? Do they have healing properties?

Great Egret

Where do you find these in the wild? Do they have close relatives? On how many continents can you find them?

What do they eat?

Dragon Fun, just for fun!

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