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Peace will show at Flower and Flow

This is on of my new pieces, shot in the studio, so the colors are warm here.

For the two shows, I have created two bodies of work. This body of work speaks to holding various points of view, with incoming influences, yet or while, allowing or perceiving, your own guiding force or you.

Opening at Art On Scene, next Saturday, this body of work incorporates street art elements, which fits with Jason Ostro and my history together... and my history of street art on Sunset and throughout West Hollywood.

The body of work being shown with Lucy Chamberlain is more direct. They are you, me, the force, guidance, hope, tenderness. They are your family, your lover, when you look in your child's eyes. They passed the noise, they are a meditation, they are being present. They are plugged in, connected, woke, yet quiet and calming. They are like a river to the sea.

The show with Lucy Chamberlain, a wonderful glass artist, opens next Friday at the City of Burbank Creative Arts Center Gallery.

( to see her work) for mine.

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