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Unveiling Veritas: Celebrating Amanda Gorman's Veritas Aletheia in the Goddess Art Prints Series


Welcome to the mesmerizing world of the Goddess Collection by Andrea LaHue. In this first installment of the series, we delve into the divine essence of Aletheia Veritas, the Greek Goddess of Truth, Sincerity, and Wisdom, drawing inspiration from none other than Amanda Gorman, a living American icon and symbol of Veritas, the spirit of truthfulness.

The Philosophy of Aletheia and Veritas:

Aletheia, meaning "unconcealed" in Greek, and Veritas, meaning "truth" in Latin, hold profound significance both in ancient times and today. Rooted in the philosophy of sincerity and disclosure, these concepts urge us to seek truthfulness and embrace openness in our lives. Andrea LaHue's exploration of Aletheia and Veritas in her artwork invites us to reflect on the timeless importance of these virtues, just as they were pondered over 3000 years ago.

Aletheia, the Greek goddess of Veritas, truthfulness, is the spirit of sincerity, disclosure, being unconcealed. Aletheia is the daughter of Zeus and Hera, in her earliest mythology, and crafted by Prometheus, and called Veritas, in Aesop’s Fables. The philosophy surrounding the words aletheia and verities are interesting and as vital to consider now, as they have always been.

Amanda Gorman: The Beacon of Veritas, Aletheia:

In the spirit of Veritas, Amanda Gorman emerges as a beacon of truthfulness in contemporary society. Her remarkable talent as a poet and her unwavering commitment to honesty make her the perfect embodiment of the goddess Veritas. Through her poignant words and undeniable wisdom, Gorman has captivated hearts and minds, leaving an indelible mark on our collective unconscious. Andrea LaHue, recognizing Gorman's veritas, has chosen her as a symbol of hope and truth in her Goddess Collection.

The Hill We Climb: A Moment of Truth:

One of Gorman's most memorable works, "The Hill We Climb," holds profound significance for this moment in history. This powerful poem transcends barriers and speaks to the core of our shared experiences, urging us to embrace truth as a virtue and a way of life. LaHue believes that Gorman's ability to craft words into the spirit of truth makes her an invaluable source of inspiration and the perfect muse for the Veritas-inspired art prints.

Amanda Gorman is the living American icon LaHue chose to symbolize the Greek goddess of truthfulness, Veritas. Andrea LaHue sees Gorman as the hope, the much needed truth teller, revealer. Gorman is young, new to our collective unconscious, yet LaHue believes we recognize her veritas through her poetry, poise and timeless wisdom. Gorman’s poem, The Hill We Climb, was necessary for this moment and our history moving forward. Truth is a virtue, a philosophy, a way of living in society and in your own body. Amanda Gorman has the ability to craft words into the spirit of truth.

The Godess Collection: Amanda Gorman as Aletheia Veritas Art Print:

Immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of the Athena art print, the first masterpiece of the POWHER Collection. Each museum-quality art print is meticulously crafted on sustainable bamboo paper, utilizing archival pigment for lasting vibrancy. What sets these prints apart is the meticulous hand embellishment with 24 karat gold leaf and spray paint, elevating them to a realm of opulence and sophistication. Measuring 16"x16" and limited to a series of 10, these prints bear the unique mark of LaHue's chop, ensuring their authenticity.

Complete the Experience with Museum-Quality Framing:

To fully embrace the essence of Aletheia Veritas bring her wisdom into your living space.

Museum-quality framing options are available for the Aletheia Veritas art print. Expertly chosen frames enhance the visual impact of Andrea LaHue's has creation and series of Greek Goddess Art Prints for the POWHER Collection with SUGARPRESSART.COM

These museum quality art prints are on sustainable bamboo paper with archival pigment. Each is hand embellished with 24 karat gold leaf and spray paint, signed with chop mark, 16"x16", from a series of 10. Museum quality framing is available to you when you purchase a print.

Why recreate the Greek Goddesses now, in 2021, with living American Icons? Stay tuned.


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