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Women's History Month 2021! POW HER 2021

POWHER 2021 just opened online, celebrating Women's History Month 2021. You can check it out here,, and check back for the next month, as different prints drop. It's POWHER's third year and I am looking forward to seeing all the women's work and new prints.

Curated by Anne Martin of, here is a list of the artists in the show: Alynn-Mags, Judy Baca, Nani Chacon, Paola Delfin, Haydee Escobar, Shiminga Forney, Ilona Garnet, Camille Rose Garcia, Andrea LaHue, Colette Miller, Susan Mogul, GLoria Muriel, Renee Petropoulos, Francesca Quintano, Favianna Rodriguez, Lexx Valdez and Erin Yoshi.

Our show closed last year, just days after it opened at the Regime Gallery... I started with the Curious Coloring Pages, until June, just after. What a strange and curious year it has been.

In my deep think, during the last year, I have learned much about our global mythology, and the prints I have dropping for this show, reflect this. Past mythology and how our new mythology is forming is a spring, and ever-giving well. More on that, next time.

Stay healthy and well.

more info:


* Ilona Granet @ilonagranetart

* Judy Baca @judy_baca

* Renee Petropoulos #reneepetropoulos

* Susan Mogul #susanmogul

* Camille Rose Garcia @crgstudios

* Favianna Rodriguez @favianna1

* Paolo Delfin @paola_delfin

* Andrea LaHue,

* Erin Yoshi @erinyoshi

* Colette Miller @colettemillerwings

* Gloria Muriel @gloriamuriel

* Lexx Valdez @lexx_valdez

* Nani Chacon @nanibah

* Francesca Quintano @francesca_quintano

* Haydee Escobar @ibelieveart

* Shiminga Forney @mommaminga



* NotRealArt @notrealartworld

* California Dream CBD @californiadreamcbd






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